Nov. 2020 - Interactive Media Poster Design, by JU Ran and Wang Qiaochu  


Supervisor: Maurice Benayoun, Alvaro Cassinelli, Christian Sandro  导师:莫奔,阿尔瓦罗·卡西内利,克里斯蒂安·桑德罗

Artist's statement 创作说明:

Looking glass poster design " VOV"

Looking Glass Portrait is the first system for personal 3D holograms. After adding 3D content in real-time into the poster design, the basic elements in the traditional two-dimensional poster, such as fonts and graphics, also have dynamic characteristics. Its function is to convey visual impact, artistic expression and create the user's imagination space. To show a virtual vision with holograms for the audience by the interactive device, the vision itself is greatly different from the reality, and the effect must be beyond the audience's expectation. This is inseparable from the design of modeling, color, texture, composition, and when the visual elements in time and space produced by the changes. 

Looking Glass Portrait是第一个个人3D全息图系统的显示器。在海报设计中实时加入3D内容后,传统二维海报中的基本元素,如字体、图形等也具有了动态特性。其功能是呈现视觉冲击力、艺术表现力和创造用户的想象空间。通过互动手段为观众展示一个全息影像的虚拟视觉,视觉本身与现实有很大的不同,效果必须超出观众的预期。这就离不开造型、色彩、质感、构图的设计,以及此时视觉元素在时间和空间上所产生的变化。