JU Ran  2020年12月,AR交互海报设计,鞠然创作


Supervisor: Maurice Benayoun, Alvaro Cassinelli, Christian Sandro  




Artist's statement: 

AR Poster VOV - Chinese Elements, as the instance of visual experience which combine the integration of Chinese traditional elements with interactive technology. 

I am curious about the possibility of abstract concepts and forms. For example, is there a balanced standard for the contradiction between modern technology and Chinese elements? Should we emphasis the technological elements to increase the immersion feeling? Or should we emphasis the artistry of Chinese traditional thoughts to make vision more tension? Personally, I think the research of how traditional Chinese thoughts might generate new and creative ideas is a very interesting starting point.

The direction I want to go is the integration of AR technology and visual communication design. Use this technology to design a project or even a lifestyle from the best perspective and make it successful by using a leading and future approach. Design can make AR have practical value and commercial potential, and can realize education and cultural heritage.

AR Poster VOV - Chinese Elements  增强现实海报《VOV—中国元素》(图1)

Figure 2 Augmented reality poster design "Chinese Elements - VOV"